ATP – Associação Textil e Vestuário de Portugal

Associação Textil e Vestuário de Portugal (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal)  is an employers’ association that ca. 500 companies from the entire Portuguese textile and clothing sector. Altogether, these companies are responsible for more than 35,000 jobs, and a turnover of 3,000 million Euros; two-thirds of this value represents exports.
Contact: Paulo Vaz


Founded in 1990, TecMinho is a private non-profit association, having had as sponsors the University of Minho and the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave. Its basic mission is to be an interface of the University of Minho, promoting its connection to society, especially in the areas of science and technology, contributing to regional development by improving the competitiveness of organizations and increase the skills of individuals.
Contact: Ana Dias

Centro de Formação Vale do Minho

Centro de Formção do Vale do Minho (Vale do Minho training center) focus is on the training of teaching and non-teaching personnel in the associated schools. Its headquarters are at the Secondary School of Monção and encompassing schools in the municipalities of Melgaço, Monção, Valença, Vila Nova Of Cerveira and Caminha.

The Training Center seeks to respond to each annual training plan to the expectations of the various players in the educational process, in particular, the teaching and non-teaching staff.
Contact: Jorge Fernandes


The IEFP (Institute of Employment and Professional Training) is the national public employment service. Its mission is to promote the creation and quality of employment and to combat unemployment through the implementation of active employment policies, including professional training.

Autoridade para as Condições do trabalho

The Autoridade para as Condições do trabalho (Authority for Working Condition) is a State service that aims to promote the improvement of working conditions throughout the Portuguese territory by monitoring compliance with labor regulations in the context of private labor relations and by promoting safety and health at work In all sectors of public and private activity.


This project has received funding from the ERASMUS+ Programme, Vocational Education and Training Strategic Parnerships under grant agreement No 2016-1-PT01-KA202-022790