Integra Institute

The Institute’s mission and vision are based on the development of human potentials whereby the accent is on the provision of services in the field of humanistic sciences for different target and age groups. As public officers for the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, our professionals working at the Institute perform special counselling and experts’ work in the field of occupational rehabilitation in close cooperation with the Employment Service of Slovenia and the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of the Republic of Slovenia.

Taking into account its services which are performed as public services, the Institute has, in this sense, a linking, educational and research role. In implementing rehabilitation, re-socialization and integration programes, the Institute works with numerous socially excluded and vulnerable groups, which also include immigrants. In this sense, the educational role of the Institute has to be particularly emphasized, not only in the sense of working with its target group, but also in the sense of educating professionals in order to provide them with specific knowledge in the field of social education, which is of key importance if we want to understand the changing society.The Institute regularly employs 22 professionals in the field of special pedagogy, occupational therapy and is an official member of numerous associations as well as counselling expert groups both at national level (Central Labour Office Rehabilitation Committee,
LAS – Advisory Group of Drug Prevention, Social Chamber of Slovenia) and abroad.

This project has received funding from the ERASMUS+ Programme, Vocational Education and Training Strategic Parnerships under grant agreement No 2016-1-PT01-KA202-022790