"> Objectives


The project’s goal is to inform people working in labour market services and those in vocational orientation and education about the challenges they will face; to understand the pace at which digitization and the “Internet of Things” will lead to changes and create entirely new job families while others will become obsolete; and to support them in planning suitable qualification pathways for their clients

In order to reach this goal, the specific objetives  are::

  • To produce Awareness Raising Guidelines and a Resource Pack, that will inform and raise the awareness among people working in
    the employment sector, in vocational education and in job orientation professions about the most recent technological changes and
    their impact on future employment;
  • To present all materials inat an e-Platform that will allow exchange of experience and interaction between labour market advisoers and experts;
  • To adapt and modify selected online platform materials into integrated applications for smartphones.
This project has received funding from the ERASMUS+ Programme, Vocational Education and Training Strategic Parnerships under grant agreement No 2016-1-PT01-KA202-022790