Jobs for Work 4.0
The future of employment

Erasmus +

Digitization is increasingly shaping the world of work. While computerisation has been historically confined to routine tasks involving explicit rule-based activities, algorithms for big data are now rapidly entering domains reliant upon pattern recognition and can readily substitute for labour in a wide range of non-routine cognitive tasks.
Advanced robots are gaining enhanced senses and dexterity, allowing them to perform a broader scope of manual tasks.
This will change the nature of work across industries and occupations.

About us

We are an ERASMUS+ Project consortium interested in the impact of digital transformation on professions. The overall objective of our project is to raise awareness about these developments, first and foremost among those professionals who are working in the employment services. Our aim is to inform people working in labour market services and those in, vocational orientation and education about the challenges they will face, to understand the pace at which digitization and the “Internet of Things” will lead to changes and create entirely new job families while others will become obsolete, and to support them in planning suitable qualification pathways for their clients.

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This project has received funding from the ERASMUS+ Programme, Vocational Education and Training Strategic Parnerships under grant agreement No 2016-1-PT01-KA202-022790